New Updates


Hello everyone!

I appreciate all the new support and customers that I have come into contact with and hope that everyone is doing well.

In honour of gathering a following on Instagram, building a website, and now working on my Etsy Shop to begin selling my artwork online, I am having a giveaway. This giveaway will be giving away an award-winning print by Vincent Verboncoeur to three lucky winners. OPEN TO CANADA RESIDENTS ONLY. More information will be following the initial post of the giveaway which will be posted sometime next week.

Follow @goodgreenart on Instagram for more updates and information on this giveaway beginning next week.

Take care everyone!


COVID-19 Update: Stay Safe Everyone.

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.
During this COVID-19 pandemic, I encourage everyone to wash their hands often, practice social distancing, avoid touching your face and if you are experiencing any symptoms to see medical attention immediately. I know how difficult and frightening this can be, but the most important thing is that we stay safe and approach this situation appropriately. This is a great opportunity to do those things around your house that you’ve been putting off for awhile.
Consider even picking up a pencil to draw! ✏️
Please practice good mental health, hygiene, but most importantly make something positive out of this time. Please stay safe everyone.

Art Battle Fort Erie February 2020

Art Battle – Fort Erie 

Come out to support your local artists at the Ridgeway Sanctuary Centre for the Arts on Saturday, February 22nd! Doors open at 7pm and painting begins at 8pm. 12 artists compete in a one-night tournament and will have 3 x 20 minute rounds!

For $12 tickets, order ahead online with the link below using my promo code (maximum 5 tickets). 🎨 ✏️
Use promo code VINCENT at checkout!