Newest Works from Vincent (2020)

This pencil and graphite drawing captures the close up details of a lively, beautiful and growing Clematis. Giclee prints available.

Port Dalhousie

Where locals store their boats at the dock in Port Dalhousie. This pencil and ink drawing shows the slow calm evening where most boats have docked for the day and the sun beginning to set. Giclee prints available.

Ontario’s capital, and one of Canada’s most major cities populated with almost 3 million people that shows a metropolis type city. A city that never sleeps and everyone is always on the go, Toronto. In this pencil & ink drawing, it also shows the 555.3 m-high CN Tower that catches everyone’s eyes immediately once it’s in their view. Giclee prints available.

When spring blooms, so do these beautiful Tulips. This pencil and ink drawing presents tall and lively tulips in a local field. Giclee prints available.

The Rose

This detailed-focus pencil and ink drawing of a rose shows depth and emotion within this rose. One rose symbolizes love at first sight. There are thousands of different variations of roses. Giclee Prints Available.

Port Colborne

This beautiful city is located on Lake Erie and home to almost 20,000 residents. The Heritage and History in this small city goes far back to the early 1800’s. This pencil and graphite drawing shows some boats docked while seeing old buildings in the background. Giclee prints available.

This drawing made with pencil colours shows the depth and colour of a red rose. Giclee prints available.

This pencil and ink drawing of this field of daisies show their beautiful growth in the wind. Giclee prints available.

Some Rhinoceros weigh as ‘low’ as 600 kg, white rhinos can weigh as high as 3,500 kg! These amazing species communicate through a range of hilarious noises while communicating to each other. This pencil and graphite drawing collects the amazing personality of massive Rhino eating some grass. Giclee prints available.

A cold innocent icy morning at a nearby lake while showing the snowfall from the night before. Thi pencil, ink and graphite photo is such a beautiful vision of Winter in Canada. Giclee prints available.

The month of October is filled with chills and frights at any time of the night. Pumpkins carved, pumpkin spice lattes served, costumes made and is a favourite month to many. This pencil and graphite drawing is displaying the cold chill through the window while keeping the pumpkin fresh with some chilling air. Giclee prints available.

Elephants are known for having strong relationships and unseperatal bonds with close friends and their family. This pencil and graphite shows this loving and beautiful Elephant family spending some time in the water. This piece is really such a beautiful way to display such a deeper meaning about family. Giclee prints available.

One of Canada’s most beautiful wonders, the 3,000-foot massive and amazing, Horseshoe Falls. This pencil & graphite drawing displays the chaotic and immense rushing waters and puffy clouds that the pressuring water creates. Giclee Prints Available.